Jogja Night Tour that Makes Missing

Jogja Night Tour that Makes Missing

Who doesn't want to go to Jogja? If you are asked, you will be very happy if you stop in this memorable city. Jogja is not only attractive during the day, Jogja is also 'alive' at night, loh. So that night tours in Jogja are a must visit. What are some beautiful night tours in Jogja?

1. South Square of Jogja, South Square or Alun-alun Kidul which people call Alkid Jogja is to the south of the north square of Jogja. In this place, you can enjoy the food and snacks that are lined up, just choose what you want to eat, everything is here. You can also rent a bicycle to go around the square or you can just hang out and sit while enjoying snacks available at the Jogja Kidul Square.

2. Jalan Malioboro, Jalan Malioboro is a popular street area in Jogja. This road is one of three roads in the city of Yogyakarta that stretches from Tugu Yogyakarta to the intersection of the Yogyakarta Post Office. Overall it consists of Margo Utomo Street, Malioboro Street, and Margo Mulyo. This road is not far from Jogja Tugu Station. This big road is proof of the city of Yogyakarta that never sleeps. Activities on this road are of various kinds, sitting enjoying the atmosphere of Jogja on the available benches along the road, riding in the wagon around the city, shopping in shops around Malioboro, to cool coffee on the roadside.

3. Tugu Yogyakarta, Tugu Yogyakarta is a monument that is often used as a landmark of Yogyakarta. This monument was built by the Dutch government after the previous monument collapsed due to the earthquake that occurred at that time. Now, Tugu Yogyakarta is one of the objects of tourism in Yogyakarta. Its beauty at night is also mandatory to be explored. At night, this monument is packed with tourists who want to take pictures, there are also many young people hanging out around the monument. You can also have a culinary tour here, because there are lots of souvenirs available around the monument. Certainly cheap and tasty.

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