Historical Tour at The Keraton of Yogyakarta

Historical Tour at The Keraton of Yogyakarta

Shopping and traveling on Malioboro Street, Yogyakarta might be fun but it is very mainstream. Try it once in a while to visit the Keraton of Yogyakarta. Keraton of Yogyakarta is one of the famous tourist attractions in Indonesia and also a very sacred historical building. Although the sultanate had officially joined the NKRI in 1950, the Keraton complex still functioned as the residence of the Sultan and his court household which carried out the tradition of the sultanate to this day.

Founded by Sultan Hamengku Buwono I in 1755, the location of the Palace is said to have been a former temple used to break for the convoy of the kings of Mataram which would be buried in Imogiri. Some of the Keraton complexes are also museums that hold various collections belonging to the sultanate including various gifts from European kings, replicas of the Keraton, dogcart and gamelan heritage.

The Way to The Keraton of Yogyakarta

Keraton of Yogyakarta is right on the south of the North Square of Yogyakarta city or only about 50 meters from Malioboro Street. So if you use a train, you can stop at Tugu Railway Station, then you can walk straight to the south through the intersection of Jalan Malioboro until you meet a wide field that is none other than North Square. So if you visit Maliboro, make sure to stop by also to take a look at the history of the Keraton of Yogyakarta.

Business Hours and Entrance Tickets

Keraton of Yogyakarta is open for public every day from 08.00 AM to 14.00 PM. But specifically for Friday, Keraton of Yogyakarta tours are opened from 08.00 AM - 12.00 PM. The price of the entrance ticket is Rp.7.000,00 for local tourists and Rp. 12.500,00 for foreign tourists.


1. Historical Tourism.

Looking at the historical items of the Keraton of Yogyakarta’s collection like the ancient chariot of the kings of Yogyakarta, a collection of paintings, heirlooms such as keris, spears equipped with their names, musical instruments such as gamelan and gong.

2. Take Pictures

You can be satisfied to take pictures with the background of Keraton of Yogyakarta’s collections, which certainly cannot be obtained elsewhere. But to be able to take photos in the palace area as much as you like, you have to pay for a ticket to take pictures for IDR 1,000. Cheap isn't it?

3. Watching Art Performance

Besides being able to see how the courtiers of the Keraton of Yogyakarta welcome visitors to the traditional Keraton of Yogyakarta’s outfit, you can also see art performances held every day for tourists.

That is the information about the historical tourism object of the Keraton of Yogyakarta. Yogyakarta will always be waiting for your arrival to enjoy its beauty.

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