5 Favorite Destinations in Yogyakarta for Solo Traveler

5 Favorite Destinations in Yogyakarta for Solo Traveler

Yogyakarta is one place that is very suitable for solo traveling, why? Because here we can find various tourist destinations that we will not find in other locations.

Well, who want to try solo traveling in Yogyakarta, here are 5 destinations in Yogyakarta that are suitable and appropriate to try to explore the fun of this city. Where are the locations?

1. Malioboro Street

The first destination is along the Malioboro road, one of the icons of the city of Yogyakarta is indeed an attraction for the traveler, a variety of activities can be done here, ranging from shopping for souvenirs, entering traditional markets or just capturing moments through the camera lens.

Equally exciting is that at the end of Malioboro Street there is the Vredeburg Fort Museum which holds millions of stories. Guaranteed exciting and fun with new experiences that will be provided by this destination, of course, the budget issued will be very cheap.

2. Taman Sari

Finding out the history of Taman Sari is very exciting, because there are many interesting things here. Taman Sari itself is a water palace that used to be a place of recreation for the royal family and is also used as a fortress built in 1758-1765 by Sri Sultan HB 1.

There are several places that are really required to visit when visiting Taman Sari including Umbul Binangun, Artificial Lake, Psarean Ledok Sari and Garjitawati Pond, there is also an underground mosque with beautiful architecture.

3. Yogyakarta Palace

The next destination is the Yogyakarta Palace, who does not know the Sultan's residence in Yogyakarta, besides being a residence for the king and family, the Yogyakarta Palace can also be visited by travelers, but there are conditions that must be obeyed, namely visitors must dress modestly and may not act carelessly.

In addition to the unique and magnificent building of the Yogyakarta Palace, it also presents several other sights such as various collections of kings and their families, art performances and last but not least, we will be presented with the atmosphere and nuances typical of Java such as in the royal period, and if you are lucky and come in time we can also witness a variety of traditional ceremonies held by the Yogyakarta Palace.

4. Prambanan Temple

The temple which is the largest Hindu temple in Indonesia and even in Southeast Asia and is known by the name of Roro Jonggrang Temple is located in Sleman Regency of Yogyakarta.

This temple was built in 850 AD and has a height of 47 meters. Many mention the name of this temple by the name of Roro Jonggrang because of its connection with the legends of ancient times about Bandung Bondowoso who fell in love with a beautiful princess named Roro Jonggrang. This story is an interesting story, because so many people come to visit to find out how this story happened.

5. Kaliurang Park

For solo travelers who want to enjoy the natural scenery, this destination is the right choice.

Located in Hargobinangun Village, Pakem District, Sleman Regency, Kaliurang Tourism Park offers a variety of natural scenery that is cool and typical of the countryside.

The place that has a calm atmosphere and beautiful scenery is very suitable to be used as a place to relax, besides that in the Kaliurang Tourism Park area there are waterfalls and caves that are not less interesting, the natural atmosphere is felt here because there are still many animals such as birds to monkeys .

If you are tired of going around, please try various typical snacks from Kaliurang such as jadah and tempe, these special foods have a very delicious taste, and will definitely miss you to enjoy them when you leave this place. Kaliurang Tourism Park is located around 28 km from the center of Yogyakarta City and can be reached by vehicle, besides that at certain times there are also events such as the Festival of Light in Kaliurang.

So what are you waiting for, if you want Solo Traveling, Yogyakarta can be the main destination, in addition to very many destinations that can be visited, the estimated cost is also very light.

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